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Administrative Staff

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Sonia Williams 334-670-5876 Administrative Secretary Troy

Enrollment Management

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Leandro Suero 334-808-6684 Director of International Enrollment Management Troy
Alicia Anderson 334-670-5672 Director of Enrollment Services Troy
Kim Smiley 334-670-3368 Administrative Secretary Troy
Lisa Barron-Blackmon 334-808-6342 Staff Assistant/Imager Troy
Tamara Broadnax 334-670-5972 Coordinator of State Authorizations Troy
Jeri Chance 334-241-9508 Graduate Admission Specialist Montgomery
Christina Clance 334-448-5176 Admission Specialist Phenix City
Debora England 334-983-6556, 21229 Undergraduate Admission Specialist Dothan
Mike Hensley 334-808-6345 Admissions Specialist Troy
Miriama Kocisova 334-808-6285 Coordinator of International Enrollment Troy
KeLeigh Pritchett 334-670-3178 ACCELERATE (High School Dual Enrollment Program) Troy
Rachael Railey 334-808-6463 Admissions Specialist Troy
Adam Wilson 334-808-6140 Admissions Specialist Troy
Emily Zapata 334-808-6458 Admissions Specialist Troy

Military Contacts

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Scot Brumbeloe 334-670-3657 Director of Military & Veteran Affairs Troy
Carmen Foster 334-448-5121 Military TA Troy
Sarah Marusich 334-808-6593 VA Benefits Troy
Travis McCullough 334-670-3590 VA Contact Troy
Stacy Warren 706-571-2450 Military Portal Coordinator Military Portal

Online Nursing

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Crystal Bishop 334-241-8631 Nursing Admissions Montgomery

Academic Services

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Kim Shaver 334-670-5872 Director of Online Academic Services Troy

Academic Services Associates (ASA)

College of Arts & Sciences

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Kristen Singleton 334-808-6523 Team Leader Troy
Clay Graham 334-670-5873 Anthropology (ANT); Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Resource & Technology Mgmt; Social Science (SS); Sociology (SOC) Troy
Lindsay Huggins 334-808-6411 Applied Computer Science (ACS); MS in Computer Science; Cyber Security; Environmental & Biological Science (EBS) Troy
Joanna Jackson 334-808-6667 A-K: Political Science; A-K: International Relations (MSIR); A-K: Public Administration (MPA); J-P: Criminal Justice (CJ); J-P: Digital Forensics (CJ); J-P: Homeland Security (CJ) Troy
Jeanna Lankford 334-808-6378 L-Z: Political Science; L-Z: International Relations (MSIR); L-Z: Public Administration (MPA); Q-Z: Criminal Justice (CJ); Q-Z: Digital Forensics (CJ); Q-Z: Homeland Security (CJ) Troy
Angie McLendon 334-808-6426 Associates degrees; History; MS in Applied Mathematical Science Troy
Casey Sikes 334-808-6525 A-I: Criminal Justice (CJ); A-I: Digital Forensics (CJ); A-I: Homeland Security (CJ); BS in Computer Science Troy

College of Business; Hospitality, Tourism, and Sport Management

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Chris Allen 334-808-6554 Non-Degree Seeking Students: Post-Bachelors; Post-Masters; Transient; Undecided Troy
Kertina Berry 334-808-6442 BBA - Management; MSM - Project Management Troy
Mary Caitlin Bouington 334-670-5874 Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management; Hospitality, Tourism, and Sport Management; Sport Management Troy
Trish Floyd 334-808-6517 Team Leader; MS in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) Troy
Gracie Free 334-808-6385 BBA - Accounting & Finance; BBA - Financial Economics; BBA - Economics; BBA - Human Resource Management; MSM - Human Resource Management; MSM - Talent Development & Training Troy
Haley Oliver 334-808-6542 BBA - General Business; MSM - Leadership Troy
Brittany Rogers 334-670-5973 BBA - Marketing; Master of Business Administration (MBA) Troy

College of Communications & Fine Arts

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Beth Belcher 334-808-6454 Team Leader Troy
Daniel Martin 334-808-6466 Communication Arts - Communication Studies; English; Multimedia Journalism; Strategic Communication (COM) Troy
Sarah Mitchell Wagoner 334-808-6526 Graphic Design Troy

College of Education

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Beth Belcher 334-808-6454 Team Leader; PhD Global Leadership Troy
Deena Croley 334-808-6541 D-L: BS in Psychology; Teacher Education Programs Online; Special & Gifted Education Online (SPE); Teacher Leader (TL); Instructional Leadership & Administration (ILA); Interpreter Training (ASL or ITP) Troy
Meredith King 334-670-5975 Interdisciplinary Studies; Counseling - Augusta, Tampa, Altamonte, Orlando; Counseling - Pensacola, Panama City, Ft. Walton; Addictions Counseling Certificate; Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate; EDS Counseling & School Counseling; Occupational Education (BSOE) Troy
Janyriah Lampley 334-808-6388 M-Z: BS in Psychology; Masters in Psychology; Sports Psychology (Kinesiology program) Troy
Daniel Martin 334-808-6466 Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Troy
Sarah Mitchell Wagoner 334-808-6526 A-C: BS in Psychology; Adult Education (ADE) Troy

College of Health Sciences

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Beth Belcher 334-808-6454 Team Leader; Nutrition Troy
Janyriah Lampley 334-808-6388 Kinesiology - Exercise Physiology; Kinesiology - Sports Psychology; Kinesiology - Strength & Conditioning Troy
Daniel Martin 334-808-6466 A-H: BS in Social Work (BSW) Troy
Sarah Mitchell Wagoner 334-808-6526 Human Services (HS); Interprofessional Health Studies Troy
Justin Royal 334-808-6498 I-Z: BS in Social Work (BSW); Master of Social Work (MSW); BS in Sports Coaching; Kinesiology - Coaching (KHP) Troy

Online Education Student Success Center

Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Chris Langston 334-808-6543 Team Leader; UG: Return from Indefinite Suspension (RI); UG: Bridge Program (BP); CRM Advise Troy
Donna Brown 334-808-6219 Career Services Troy
Tony Jones 334-808-6532 Student Success Counselor Troy
Malcolm McSwean 334-808-6553 Disability Services Coordinator Troy
Matt Williams 334-808-6207 Student Success Counselor Troy


Name E-mail Telephone Title Location
Shannon Carolipio 334-808-6317 Assistant Director of Testing and Proctoring Troy
Tammy English 334-808-6459 Testing Specialist Troy
Alex House 334-808-6447 Testing Manager Troy
Barbara Sanders 334-670-5802 Graduate Testing Coordinator Troy
Norma Turner 334-808-6275 Testing Specialist Troy